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Judy Kang (Lady Gaga)

We are proud and excited to welcome Judy Kang, Lady Gaga’s violinist, to the Wood Violins family! “I perform solely on [a Viper] by Mark Wood. I have sound effect pedals, as well. I wasn’t too knowledgable about electrics, to be honest. I was so fortunate to have had a couple of weeks of rehearsals […]

Haydn Vitera

“My Viper has traveled with me across the US and internationally. No matter what kind of gig I’m on, whether it’s country, rock, Latin or anything in between, the Viper’s versatility consistenly delivers great tone and performance and most importantly, the right sound for each style. With my own Latin Rock Fusion group VITERA, it’s […]

Mark O’Connor

Violinist/composer/fiddler Mark O’Connor is widely recognized as one of the most gifted contemporary composers in America and surely one of the brightest talents of his generation. The annual Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camp has become a gathering place for string players to study a wide variety of music from the world’s best teachers and performers, including […]

Jesse Spencer (House, Chicago Fire)

“My Sabre is by far the most impressive electric violin I have ever played. Playing onstage next to electric guitars used to be an issue. Not anymore. The Sabre is such a responsive piece of craftsmanship, that those beautiful Barbera transducer pickups help reach right through walls of guitar sound and keep me right up front, all the while maintaining an incredibly warm, rich tone. Pizzicato too! On top of it all, I really needed a electric violin that FEELS like a violin to play. Behold, the Sabre!!! Looks like a dream, plays like a dream.”

Val Vigoda

“After years of struggling with other electric violins, I was lucky enough to find Mark Wood’s elegant Vipers. I have taken them all over the world on tour, and would not think of stepping on stage without them. They are a quantum leap forward in the evolution of the instrument.” Val Vigoda has been playing […]

Joe Deninzon

“As a violinist and vocalist who likes to do both simultaneously, the Viper is the answer to my prayers. The harness system allows complete versatility and flexibility for singing and playing. It also eases tension in my back and allows for more freedom of movement. The frets have saved my life on those nights when […]

Yngve Hilding

Yngve Hilding first contacted Mark Wood when he was only 11 years old, saved his money for years until he was able to afford his very own Viper, and is now an accomplished and brilliant musician in Sweden! We are BEYOND proud to include Yngve on our roster of extraordinary Viper players! “As the sole […]

Dr. David Wallace

“When I first heard and played a Viper, I knew that I had found the electric instrument of my dreams. To be honest, I wasn’t even shopping for an electric because the amplified violins I had heard sounded like bad, cheesy synthesizers, or they felt heavy, unnatural, and uncomfortable. Mark Wood has single-handedly solved all […]