Yngve Hilding

Yngve Hilding first contacted Mark Wood when he was only 11 years old, saved his money for years until he was able to afford his very own Viper, and is now an accomplished and brilliant musician in Sweden! We are BEYOND proud to include Yngve on our roster of extraordinary Viper players!

“As the sole Viper violinist in Sweden, my musical journey has taken on an entirely new dimension. My Viper has become a crucial catalyst in both my musical performance and career. Representing a company that continually strives to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of violins is an honor. Wood Violins has not only provided me with an exceptional instrument for self-expression but has also become a valuable partner. When I play my Viper, it’s not merely a choice of instrument; it’s an expression of passion and musical exploration.

Wood Violins’ commitment to innovation and excellence has not only enhanced my musicianship but has also opened doors to new opportunities within my career. Being the exclusive Viper violinist in Sweden has garnered national and international interest, and it’s a privilege to be associated with a company at the forefront of redefining the possibilities in the violin world.”

Find out more about this brilliant violinist at yngvehilding.com