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Martie Maguire

“I love the tone of old, non-amplified, real acoustic fiddles, and Wood Violins are the closest thing I have found to that sound. They play beautifully!” In July 2016, Mark Wood caught up with Martie Maguire backstage at one of her shows with the Dixie Chicks. Here is their conversation. We are proud and honored that Martie Maguire […]

Mia Asano

“My Viper changed my life in so many ways. My musical world has opened up in ways I never expected now that I have the extended range, and I have so much musical and creative freedom on the instrument. I’ve wanted a Viper for so long, and I’m so grateful I get to play such […]

Robert Mendoza

Passion, devotion and feeling is what moves Robert Mendoza’s musical inner world, who has become one of the most innovative and spectacular talents of the music scene, and one of the most popular violinists in the world thanks to his YouTube’s viral videos and his love for his fans. With over 717,000 subscribers on his […]

Kiara Williams (Key to Adam)

“The Viper is not only a beautiful creation but a life changing invention for violin players. When I played on my acoustic violin, after hours of practice, my neck and back suffered greatly and I was in pain. When I switched to the Viper it made a dramatic difference and I am no longer in […]

Cassandra Sotos

“Meeting Mark Wood and getting my hands on a Viper changed my career and my life. I can do things I never dreamed of as a young player and the possibilities still remain unlimited. I still love my acoustic violin , but my Viper has allowed me to find my true voice…It challenges and inspires […]

Amy Serrano

Hearing Amy play is always such a great experience, and to see our Vipers in the hands of this type of musician is truly a wonderful moment for us. We’re thrilled and honored that Amy is part of the Wood Violins family. “Owning, practicing and performing on my Vipers has opened the world of CREATIVITY […]

Alex DePue

“It’s just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL I say! The general electrified sound, especially with some distortion… it just sounds better than any other pickup system OR electric violin I’ve ever used, that’s for sure. I’m just thrilled and very grateful… I’m gonna destroy the world with this thing!” Watch Steve Vai and Alex DePue trade scorching riffs at about […]

Emil and Dariel

“Today was the glorious day that we got the King Cobras, and we are just speechless. We absolutely are in LOVE with them! They are everything we expected and more!! Everything about them is top notch, and we are thrilled to represent such phenomenal instruments, and such an amazing company! We can’t wait to rock […]