Kiara Williams (Key to Adam)

“The Viper is not only a beautiful creation but a life changing invention for violin players. When I played on my acoustic violin, after hours of practice, my neck and back suffered greatly and I was in pain. When I switched to the Viper it made a dramatic difference and I am no longer in pain!! The harness system on the Viper is such a genius idea and is such a godsend for violin players. I have a 4 String and 7 String Viper. The sound they both create is so gorgeous, and the depth of sound with the 7 string is just incredible, it opens up so many more options for our music, it looks really wild, and is an excellent conversation piece at our performances.”

Kiara Williams, multi-award winning professional electric violinist/fiddler performs in the instrumental duo Key to Adam. She started playing the violin when she was 12 years old and found her passion of wanting to play the fiddle when her mother showed her a video of Charlie Daniels performing the “Devil Went Down to Georgia.” After that her parents bought her a violin for Christmas and she started learning the basics in 2012. In 2015 Kiara won the WV Junior State Championship and her parents bought her a custom made beautiful 4 String Viper for winning. She used her instrument to cope from being bullied in school. Her parents finally pulled her out to be homeschooled and Kiara started teaching herself more techniques and different styles of music. In 2021 she got her first 7 String Viper and loved how much more depth of sound it gave her and opened up a different dimension to her music.

In 2016 Kiara met Adam and they make the duo Key to Adam. Adam used to run a daytime open mic and encouraged others to play along or to share their music. For many months a friend tried to get Kiara to come and she finally did and started to improvise along with Adam’s fingerstyle guitar playing. Everyone in the audience went quiet, you could hear a pin drop, the sound they created together was haunting and beautiful. After they finished the song a man came up and said “I would love to record that song for a local documentary.” They said “Well first off that wasn’t a song and we don’t even know each other.” After that special moment they practiced for 6 straight months for 6 to 8 hours a day. Flash forward to now, they perform for Weddings and Special Events including performing for WV Governor Jim Justice and First Lady Cathy Justice and regularly at their resort The Greenbrier. One of their favorite places to play is at Nursing Homes, Schools, and other institutions. Seeing the residents sway back and forth with their eyes closed or seeing a child sing and dance while you are playing is truly heart touching. They have won multiple awards including a Governor’s Art Award and many more achievements. They perform all different types of styles and genres from Metallica, Ed Sheeran, Johnny Cash, to breaking down on an old time fiddle tune to Canon in D. For more information and to keep up with Key to Adam’s journey check out their Facebook page and Website.


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