Marcus Ratzenboeck (Tantric)

MarcusRatzenboeck“Mark Wood’s violins have given me an incredible edge in the rock world.  The versatility and range of the 7-string fretted Vipers give me the capabilities of a violin, guitar, and bass..not to mention it looks awesome! Vipers offer high quality sound whether clean, distorted, or through effects, also great for studio recording as one instrument can cover violin, viola, cello and bass.”

Marcus Ratzenboeck is an accomplished violinist in both classical and rock music genres and has been an active and successful solo, chamber, orchestral, and studio performer for 20 years.  After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Music in Violin performance, Marcus completed his Masters in Music at Indiana University.  He was then appointed Principal Second Violin of the Louisville Orchestra and Adjunct Professor of Violin at the University of Louisville.  Marcus was a member of the Louisville String Quartet often recording and touring.  He was also Concertmaster of the Louisville Bach Society.  Currently Marcus is a member of the platinum selling rock band “Tantric” serving as a songwriter and the electric violinist of the group performing on 7-string “Vipers”.  Tantric is a rigorously touring band with over 8 top ten active rock chart singles and four album released under Warner and Maverick Labels.  

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