Marie Electra Violinist

 Marie-Viper-pageUne citation de Marie en français:

“J’ai découvert le violon électrique en 2003- j’ai joué pendant des années sur un Yamaha, mais au bout de quelques temps, celui ci ne me donnait plus satisfaction- j’avais envie d’aller plus loin, de pousser ma liberté scénique à l’extreme, de faire corps avec mon instrument.

“Après de nombreuses recherches sur les violons existants sur le marché, je suis tombée sur la création de Mark Wood- Je n’ai alors pas hésité longtemps, mon dévolu s’est jeté sur le Viper 5 cordes frétté Barbara Pickup.

“J’aime la liberté de mouvement qu’il offre, avoir le cou libéré m’a permis de bouger plus sur scène, et de pouvoir y intégrer le chant plus facilement. Et puis, acheter un Viper, c’est renaitre violonistiquement au scein d’ une communauté qui vous encourage , qui amène à donner le meilleur de vous meme, à vous dépasser, et à partager tous vos trucs, vos astuces, pour que vive la pratique du Viper dans le monde entier!”

MarieViper-DSCF4163-webMarie’s quote in English:

“I first discovered the electric violin in 2003. I played for years on a Yamaha but it did not give me satisfaction because I wanted to go further, to push my freedom onstage to the extreme, to become one with my instrument.

“After much research on existing violins on the market, I came across the creations of Mark Wood. I did not hesitate and set my sights on a 5-string fretted Viper with a Barbara pickup.

“I love the freedom of movement it offers, and its design has released my neck, allowing me to move more on stage and get into my songs more easily. And then, with a Viper, is to be reborn as a new violinist in a community that encourages you, that leads to give the best of yourself, to exceed, and share all your stuff, your tips, for brilliant practice of the Viper worldwide!”

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I am an artist, a creative, but a bit of a business-woman too … so for 20 years that I have been practicing this profession and more than 30 years that a little fairy leaned over my cradle to cheer me up on it. dust of inventiveness, I create .. Very small already, with 3 notes and 3 bows in my fingers I transformed my scores to reinvent them, to enrich them with my emotions …
I mix my knowledge with my perception of aesthetics, according to my desires, trends, my challenges …

My pleasure? Share them with you, see you react to the rhythm of my bow strokes, embellished with my voice, all embellished with modernity, and transport you to my bubble of happiness and sharing.

A classical conservatory course, 4 years of university studies in the “musicology” section after a literary baccalaureate obtained with honors.

In 2000, I was a violinist to accompany an international star with Mr. Barry White on stage, at the Sporting de Monaco, then Lady Shirley Bassey, then the great and unforgettable James Brown…

In 2001, I created the female string quartet the Marly Strings, a subtle blend of classical and pop, with which we have played for you for 3 years in festivals, cocktails, private parties, weddings, gala evenings in Nice, Cannes , Monaco, Saint Tropez, Paris, Geneva …

In 2004, I was the first to play the   electric violin  in events , by staging it in the duo Electra, which became Electra-Girls. Since then I have twice toured the world with my violin on my back… Electric violins for Corporate Event, Cultural Events, Private Events… Japan, India, Scotland, Ireland, Senegal, Algeria, Germany, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, the Electra-girls had the honor to play everywhere. What happiness! The concept is still running in 2020, I invite you to visit the page to watch the videos retracing these 15 years of existence  Duo of Violinists “Electra-Girls”

In 2008, I combine the electric violin with percussions to make it as the following video testifies it to Electra-Girls at the Geneva Motor Show, subtle mixture of strings and percussions and of choreography on a modern music for an explosive concept  ”The big Power Fantazy”

In 2012, I went to the United States, to do a master class in Rock, and to master my 5-string violin, an aesthetic copy of ZZTop’s Flying V, the WOOD Violin with which I developed a transatlantic partnership. I was also the first French ambassador.

IN 2016, I validated my 15 years of experience in events as an artist and artistic coordinator by obtaining a Master 2 in Cultural Engineering at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis   with honors.

Since 2017, I have been working LIVE and solo every summer once or twice a week on a Sing & Play basis , at the Four Seasons Grand Hotel in Cap de Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.
In parallel with my cultural activities, I am developing EG show leds , a new concept in the world of event and circus artists combining performance, spectacle, innovation and technology: a solo show for a luminous electric violinist in LEDS dress, with or without stilts. It is the beginning of the insertion of clothes and connected fabrics or other LEDS light technologies, optical fibers offering you a “luminous dress & violin show” of unique haute couture creation.

In 2019, the new formats of artistic concepts make me want to collaborate with new DJs and talented musicians, in a DJ LIVE BAND formula and thus offer you a quality formula combining sound and artistic: DJETTE SINGER SAXOPHONIST and VIOLINIST for a turnkey global concept.

In 2020, after a performance at the motor show at the Atomium in Brussels dressed in a “luminous dress & violin show” fiber optic  dress in January for 6 days, I join the artistic team in the second part of the season. of La Folie Douce Méribel Courchevel where I have the chance to join the artistic concepts created by Vanessa Mandito but also to play in Sing & Play formula at the KAILA 5 * hotel in Méribel or   AMAN le Melezin 5 * in Courchevel.