Philip Pan

Philip_Pan-“I was attracted to the Viper by its stunning appearance, enormous range and great sound. After owning my 7-string for a few months, I have come to realize that this is a true artist’s instrument of the level of the finest old Italian, acoustic violins. It rewards expertise, finesse and imagination; the more your bring to it, the more it gives back. Like many acoustic players, I had assumed that all the sounds were “dialed-in”; nothing could be futher from the truth. While modern electronics offer effects and tones not possible without technology, they cannot be used to create great music without an instrument that responds telepathically to its player. I am especially impressed at how my Viper reacts precisely to the finest manipulations of the bow, with a tonal palette broader than that of any violin I have played, (including Cremona’s best!).

“All of my training and experience with the great classical repertoire comes to play on my Viper, and the seemingly limitless expressive potential of this marvel challenges me constantly to expand my creativity and develop my personal voice. During my career, I have played much of the greatest music ever written. With my Viper, I am driven to take the next step: to create my own music and strive to have it meet the lofty standards set by past and present masters. As the artistic trend worldwide melts stylistic walls and embraces a new kind of “holistic performer”, Wood Violins enhances this evolution by breaking all previous boundaries for string players. This is our time and the Viper is our weapon of choice!”

Philip Pan is the concertmaster for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra