Katie Jacoby

KatieJacoby-2014“When I first saw Mark’s cool-looking, eye-catching Vipers in a magazine, I knew I had to get my hands on one. I fell in love with the Viper after realizing the sounds that emanate from it are just as beautiful as the instrument itself. I am proud to say that my arsenal now includes 3 Vipers. Vipers have made it possible for violinists everywhere to unleash their inner rock star. What a dramatic change in the history of violin craftsmanship. The New World Order has begun!”

Katie Jacoby is a New York-based electric and acoustic violinist. She has performed diverse genres of music in a variety of settings such as Carnegie Hall, the White House in D.C., Germany’s Zappanale festival, Lollapalooza in Chicago, and NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park, and with bands ranging from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Exodus. She is currently a member of the Ed Palermo Big Band, performing big band jazz renditions of Frank Zappa’s music. She graduated New York University with a degree in Media, Culture, and Communication and a minor in Music. Her original music is forthcoming.

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