Spags (Jennifer Spingola)

Jen Spingola“Wood Violins are by far the most professional electric violins on the market today. For anyone who is looking to take their craft seriously, this is a must have. I personally play a 5-String Viper Violin and wouldn’t dream of playing anything else. The instrument itself is a showstopper, with its unique and unusual aesthetics. But the greater appeal for me lies in the warm and beautiful tone that is nearly impossible to find in an electric violin. I perform all over the world, and audiences are continually fascinated by my instrument. I would recommend Wood Violins in a heartbeat to any violinist out there.”


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Jennifer Spingola, known as Spags, has been amazing audiences around the world for years now with her virtuosic technique, inventive arrangements, and compelling performance style.

Widely knows on the scene as “the DJ violinist”, Spags creatively merges the classic violin world with the modern music world. Her unique artistry keeps her in demand throughout the United States, as well as internationally, where she can be heard performing at socialite parties, exclusive weddings, trendy nightclubs, sophisticated wineries, international trade shows, and high fashion runway events.

Classical training from an early age, on both piano and violin, along with a music degree from the Pennsylvania State University are responsible for shaping her technical foundation, while her undeniable love for a soulful groove, an infectious hip hop hook, a contemplative melody, or a raw rock n roll beat, are at the heart of her playing. Her intrinsic desire to remain connected to her listeners allows her to remain relevant across a broad spectrum of audiences. She literally plays all styles of music and can seamlessly jump from Dr. Dre to Frank Sinatra without skipping a beat. While it may seem there is no rhyme or reason to the diverse and eclectic repertoire that can be heard pouring out of her cutting edge, 5-string, viper violin, Spags will simply explain, “I just play music that I like”.

Some of her recent highlights include personal performances for Magic Johnson, Mitt Romney and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, to name a few. She has toured with rock legend Dee Snider of the band Twisted Sister as well as Latin piano sensation Raul di Blasio and performed as the opening act for Steve Vai, Jaylib, Foreigner and the band FUN. Additionally she produces and performs in runway shows for many of LA’s top fashion designers.

Spags has been featured on NBC Nightly News, LA Talk Live, KUSI Morning Show, U-T TV San Diego, San Diego Living, and WE-TV Platinum Weddings and has performed on several prime time drama series, including ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” and “What About Brian”, as well as NBC’s “Chuck”. She has also traveled around the world, on three overseas tours, performing for our troops!

Keeping a steady finger on the pulse of current trends, and consistently raising the bar for industry standards, Spags continues to rise to the forefront of the music industry, where she can be heard bowing her way into the hearts and souls of those around her.