Shane Guse

Shane-Guse“Quite simply, my 7-string Viper is the best tool for the job, and I love it.  The Barbera pickup gives me great, consistent tone, even when undesirable backline is provided. That means I spend minimal time during set up working on amp tone and more time concentrating on the music.  Hand made to my specifications, the Viper looks incredible and commands attention the minute I walk on stage.  Plus, the harness system gives me the freedom to sing and double on mandolin without ever having to put the Viper down. The HUGE range and versatility of 7 strings allows me to cover viola, cello, bass and even guitar parts I could never have done before, and that means more gigs for me.  My Viper not only helps me look and sound better, it also pushes my own boundaries and challenges me as a musician to try new things and broaden my abilities.  I played a Zeta for ten years.  In the year and a half since my Viper arrived, the Zeta hasn’t even been out of the case. Thanks Wood Violins for building the ultimate electric violin!