stingrayFamiliarity meets versatility

The custom Stingray with it’s unique and contemporary design makes for a seamless transition into the electric violin world.

This sleek and beautiful instrument delivers outstanding tone and the necessary punch for live performances.

While the design is outside the box, it offers a more traditional feel for players who prefer an ‘under the chin’ experience.

Equally comfortable in the fiddle and rock genres, the Stingray gives you the best of all worlds.

• Body – poplar wood

• Fingerboard – select ebony

• Wittner tuning pegs

• Strings – Custom SuperSensitive

• Pickups – Wood or Barbera

• Tailpiece – Thomastic

• Ebony chinrest

• 4 or 5 string

• Fretless, Fretted or Phantom Frets

• Finish: Natural, Solid Gloss, Pearlized, Metalflake, Exotic Top: Tigereye, Quilt,

• Hardware: black, silver, gold

• Scale: 330mm

• Nut Width:

• 4-string – 24mm

• 5-string – 27mm

• Fingerboard length – 253mm


Light weight construction

Traditional chin-rest playing style

Versatile electric tone (use effects such as Heavy Distortion, Chorus, Reverb, Delay)

Tuned in 5th’s like a ‘traditional’ violin (high to low- E A D G C)

Neck through construction for increased sustain and durability