Enhance your Wood Violins experience with our amp, pedal, bows, and cases.

The Wood WVA-10D Electric Violin Amp

woodampThis dedicated electric violin amplifier, customized and developed by Mark Wood, is perfect for practice or performance. This custom-voiced amp features 2-band EQ with bass and treble control, a distortion channel (that goes to 11!), variable delay with level control, and a headphone output. This great-sounding amp packs a real punch and is the perfect companion for any electric violin.

The WVA-10D will work in any country that runs 110V electricity such as the US and Canada. For other countries, the amp will work with a universal adaptor/converter that can be purchased at any local electronic store.


AMP SIZE: W(10″)x H (11″)x L (7″)
WEIGHT: 12 lbs
SPEAKER: 7″ Speaker

The Wood Wah-Wah Pedal

woodwahComplete your experience with the Wood Wah for the electric violin – it is a perfect match when paired with the Wood electric violin amp.

With durable metal casing, non-slip rubber footpad, and noisefree switching, this is a really great wah-wah pedal!




The Turbow

ADD MORE MUSCLEPOWER TO YOUR PLAYING! The Turbow and Pro-Turbow are HERE! Check with your local authorized dealer of WV products and if they don’t carry ’em, tell them to special order one for you.


Designed by Mark Wood, the Turbow series of acoustic/electric violin bows is the perfect complement for any of the Wood Violins line of custom electric violins and cellos, offering string players the musclepower they need to make their instruments truly sing and scream! The Pro-Turbow features a “batwing” ebony frog, braided carbon fiber stick, and nickel silver winding and tip. The Turbow is a texalium/carbon braided stick with nickel silver winding, and a similar batwing ebony frog with mother-of-pearl inlay.

The Pro-Turbow (available in red/black as shown; or all black)
pro turbow

The Turbow (red)

The Turbow (silver)


Viper hard caseThe Viper Hard Case: These beauties are highly durable and perfect for protecting your Viper under any conditions. In addition to cradling your Viper in comfort, there’s enough room for two bows along with a large storage pouch for other necessities. AND it only weighs 7 pounds. These can be purchased in our store or through any of our authorized dealers.




Viper gig bag

The Viper Gig Bag: Your Viper comes with this custom awesome cushiony gig bag, complete with a sleeve for your bow, an accessories pouch for items such as tuners and cables, and our Wood Violins logo.