Heather Isbell

20110114_1204“Yes, love at first sight IS possible. My COBRA Cello is AMAZING! If you want to “wow” the audience when you walk out on stage, look no further. I have tried others, and NOTHING else even comes close to this gorgeous instrument’s sound and freedom! Being a ROCK Orchestra Director, I need to be able to stand, roam the stage and operate hands free from an instrument when needed. The COBRA Cello fits all of my needs perfect. 5 strings give me more range and ease of play, while the frets help to keep my pitch perfect when I can’t hear myself well. The possibilities on my Cobra are endless and she teaches me something new everyday. I am so proud to own and play this instrument.”

Heather is the founder of Youth Rock Orchestra in Little Rock, Arkansas and has hosted several Electrify Your Strings! visits with Mark and The Mark Wood Experience. She has become a valued member of our team and truly is our Cobra Queen!