Amy Serrano

Hearing Amy play is always such a great experience, and to see our Vipers in the hands of this type of musician is truly a wonderful moment for us. We’re thrilled and honored that Amy is part of the Wood Violins family.
“Owning, practicing and performing on my Vipers has opened the world of CREATIVITY for me!! I am a classically trained violinist and started at the age of 3. When I left the corporate world and decided to live the musical dream, I bought my first Viper and never looked back. The versatility is endless. I love that I can play on a fretted instrument for even better accuracy with up to 7 strings giving me the full range from a violin to a stand up bass. With my Violin & Dance show and my Dueling Violins Show, I have complete freedom and flexibly to move at a higher level. The fact that the Viper holds onto the body has completely taken away all neck and shoulder pain I used to suffer. Playing on my Vipers has given me the ability to play completely pain-free, confident, and given me a competitive edge in the music industry. I will be forever grateful.”

Born in Northern California, Amy Serrano grew up in a musically talented household. She started learning at 3 years of age and has been playing the violin since 1991. Her studies consisted primarily of classical training with the Suzuki method and every summer, she didn’t miss an opportunity to attend fiddle and bluegrass camps. Amy plays a wide range of music with genres spanning classical, pop, fiddle tunes, contemporary, and improvisation. Amy believes one should never stop learning, and continues to study with other professionals and attends workshops. For fun, Amy loves salsa dancing, being active outdoors, spending free time by the ocean, hiking on a trail, and working out at the gym. She is married to the love of her life, Dylan Burcombe, who is also a talented musician –


Connect with Amy:
Website | YouTube
Instagram: @electric_violinist
Facebook: @amyserrano1989